Business Gas

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Compare business gas rates

Save more on your overheads and let Satroni compare business gas tariffs from over 30 suppliers in 4 quick and easy steps


First Step

Supply us with your postcode & some basic info.

Second Step

We search energy suppliers for the best gas deal.

Third Step

Info sent to you, digital online contract signed.

Fourth Step

We handle the switch over process on your behalf.

If you are looking for a better business gas deal and it’s time to switch supplier for your business premises then Satroni can help you make the switch to the best gas contract available on the market. As an independent business energy advisor we are authorised and regulated and know the best way to compare business gas prices for our clients meaning you could save year after year on you commercial gas costs.

Switching gas supplier is easy

If you have recently moved into a new premises then you may be paying to much on your energy prices as you will be on a deemed rate per kwh with your current gas supplier. Comparing business gas rate tariffs will let you bring your costs down by switching the deemed rate to a fixed rate or fixed term contract for your gas and electricity. This same process applies for businesses with existing contracts in place looking for the best deal and to save money on renewal contracts.

We will do all the hard work searching the market for much better gas deals than being offered by your current supplier. Our mission is to find the best option for your businesses while being transparent and open on all aspects of any contract.

How we can help

The best way for us to help you is to negotiate with the current market suppliers and compare business gas prices to show you how much you could save. Once we have completed a comprehensive search we will present you with the best offers that will help you achieve;

  • The best business gas prices
  • Lower prices per kwh / rate tariff
  • lower daily standing charge
  • Fixed rate / fixed term contracts
  • End your deemed rates with current supplier
  • Free smart meter installations
  • Access to British gas & the “big 6” plus many more
  • Business gas quotes suited to your business size.
  • Multi site gas savings deals.
  • 100% free, no obligation quotes